Sing and Be Happy


Everyone has a song in his or her heart.  Sing it! Live it! Be happy!


What song is in your heart?  Better yet, have you confined your song to only your heart?

Everyone may not be able to sing professionally, but you should be able to sing your song.  Regardless of what key you sing it in, it’s your song.  Don’t worry about what others may think about you.  They may not understand your song, but God did not give them that song to sing.  Life is about enjoying the music you are able to play and sing.  Life’s about living within who you are.

Why Sing?


Sing because your family needs it, your co-workers need it, the world needs it, and you need it.  Let your life’s harmony resonate loud and clear.  Don’t be afraid to sing and be happy!  Try it for yourself.  Take a moment and sing!

Once you have discovered your voice, help someone else discover his or her voice.

Sing Your Song


You have to admit, singing in the shower sounds pretty good.  If that sounds good, how about singing in the car, while cooking, cleaning, or a little hum while working.  When you think about it, the relief singing brings to the soul is amazing.  It doesn’t matter your age.  Whether you are young or old, sing your song!

It may be laughing with your children, sing your song!  It may be talking with a friend, sing your song.  It may just be your smile, sing your song.  Remember, it doesn’t matter what others may think of your song, just sing you song.

Sing and Be Happy!


Do you have a song to sing?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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