It’s easy to look to the past and future, but what about the here and now.  Many people are in search for growth and development, but they miss out on enjoying the present.  Are you guilty of this?

I have to say that at times I am guilty of looking to the future.  The future is where we want to be, right?  We want growth, success, and prosperity.  However, the only thing wrong with being consumed or so focused on the future is that the present is happening and we can never get the present back.

I’ve talked to so many people that are concerned about moving forward, but they aren’t actually doing what they need to do to move forward.  Some of these people are taking for granted the relationships within their reach because they are searching for something greater.  Achievement is everyone's desire, but you should not get caught up in accomplishments without consistently learning something new everyday to take your skills and expertise to the next level.  And one of the biggest reasons why I believe people have a hard moving forward is because we get comfortable, which makes room for excuses and justification for failure.

Anytime we fail to enjoy the present, we are failing at becoming successful.

We cannot succeed in the future if we fail to achieve in the here and now.  I think you should learn from past mistakes and be hopeful about future achievements, but don’t miss out on the gift of the present.  Here are three ways to make the most of your present.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Present

1. Slow Down

Why is everyone in such a hurry these days?  Contrary to our cultural popular belief, you should take your time and savor the moment.  

Many businesses pride themselves on having fast and quick customer service.  But sometimes we promote a culture of failure because we are so busy trying to get people in and out of our lives.  Fast response time is great, but how long do most businesses spend with the customer?

If you were requiring medical assistance, would you like a physician who spends time listening and answering your questions?  Or would you prefer a physician who is in and out if your room leaving you with questions?

There are situations that require us to make haste, but don’t fail to develop a relationship because you are going a hundred miles a minute.  In any area of our lives, we need to slow down and make every moment count.

2. Be Alert

When we slow down, we end seeing people and things that we never saw before when we where going to fast.  Why are people so forgetful?  And why do some people make s many mistakes?

It may be because they are going so fast that they cannot be completely alert.  To make the most of your present, you have to learn to be alert in order to survey and take advantage of the various opportunities around you.

3. Live In The Moment

I think this point pretty much speaks for itself.  When we slow down and are alert, our actions will be more focused and intentional.  Every action we take will be meaningful.  Living in the moment is when you will start to see success in every facet of your life because of your intentional and purposeful actions.  This is and has always been the goal of the greatest leaders that we are all familiar with.

What are you doing to make the most of your present?  Whatever you are doing, don’t let the present slip away from you.  Enjoy the present and make it count.  Please leave a comment below, send me a tweet on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook.


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