Stand Out

Whether it is your desire or not, we must stand out to move forward.  All those who we would consider successful, stood out.  Take a close look into the life of those who you may hold in high esteem and you will find a person that distinctly stood out through their exceptional leadership. 


When I speak of standing out, please don’t think I’m talking about showing out.  Some leaders are all about showing out, rather than standing out.  There is a big difference.


Those who show out…

1. Need a crowd.

2. Are looking for attention.

3. Are never content.

4. Will stand out at the expense of others.

5. Seek to please self.


On the contrary, legitimate leaders who stand out live by one rule…

1. *BE YOUrself!*

This is what makes you the unique parent, friend, leader, and/or entrepreneur you are.

Yes, you will still have to work hard.  Besides giving all of your heart and mind to the current responsibilities in your life, you shouldn't have to do anything else.  However, showing out or attempting to be someone you're not will cost you credibility as a leader.

Leaders that stand out cannot help it, it is part of being yourself.

God created one of you.

Even if you were to cloned today, you will NEVER be reduplicated.  They may get close, but a complete replication would be impossible.  Your smile, frown, likes, dislikes, thoughts, memories, temperament, etc.

No one will be what God created you to be.

So, stand out by being yourself and lead with individuality!


Action: Focus on the gifts God gave you and discover a way to change our world with those gifts.

Question: What’s one way you can stand out by being yourself?  (Please leave a comment below.)


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