Weird Type


For many years I was coined a name: "Weird-Type."  To this very day, I have no idea what the name originator meant by it.  However, today, here and now, I say Thank You!  You may ask why!  I have embraced it as a compliment!  I now realize it was a seed planted to develop others and myself.   My rareness contributes to the makeup of the vast differences that fashions our universe as one of a kind! It is also a valuable trait, a desired presence for a true sense of peace and self-worth. I am a "weird-type." WHY? Well I am so glad that you asked.  I refuse to let someone else define me or dictate who I am or who I can become.  I do not focus on keeping up with the trends or the next person.  I am at peace. I am comfortable in my own skin.  I choose my daily responses and attitudes.  My choice is to FEAR NOT and to BE WEIRD because my life and my lifestyle are outside of the typical box.  My thinking is out of the box.  My actions are examined daily. My drive and my determination are like no other.  Therefore, I, me, you, we are an unwrapped gift to the "normal" society, so on that note I will FEAR NOT BE WEIRD!!!!

Chaitra “Weird-Type!” MTN Universal