The Art of Simplicity

In an age of instant gratification, we have lost The Art of Simplicity.

We have attempted to make life easier through the use of iPod’s, GPS devices, smart phones, tablets, and computers. These things have made our lives MUCH better.  But, sometimes we end up making life more complicated because they become distractions.

How many times have you seen people texting while driving?  (Scary, please no texting while driving)

Or people playing on their phones rather than talking to people.

We need to get back to basics, which I described briefly in a previous post titled FOCUS.

To perfect The Art of Simplicity in your life, try these helpful tips.

5 Ways of Perfecting The Art of Simplicity

#1 Find your secret place.

It is impossible to get your thoughts together without a consistent daily routine of meditation.  (I don’t know your religious preference, but this is where my daily walk with God helps me.)


#2 Try living life with as little as possible to improve clarity in your life.

Some distractions are necessary, but not all.  With so many distractions, it can be hard to see your life’s purpose.


#3 Don’t live to make money.

The love of money gets many people and organizations in trouble.


#4 Invest in Meaningful Relationships.

Remember, life is all about relationships, not money.  However, make sure the relationships you build supports your life’s purpose and adds worth to both parties involved.

Check out the blog post Boarding Passes.

A SHIP is designed to take you places.  So if your companionSHIP, friendSHIP, partnerSHIP, or relationSHIP isn’t taking you anywhere, then it’s best to abandon that SHIP.  You deserve nothing but the best and your worth is priceless.  ~Ranran


#5 Create Good Habits.

Good habits provide you with an environment to focus on the more important things in life such as your faith, family, etc.

Perfect The Art of Simplicity in your life.

What’s your purpose on this Earth?  What dreams do you have?

Watch your life’s purpose become clearer and your dreams become more achievable.


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