The Start – Stop Effect


Don’t start anything you aren’t willing to finish.


The Start - Stop Effect is a simple principle.  In life nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and dreams, but you.  So the Start - Stop Effect describes just that, which is no one can stop your plans in life but you.  If you started it, you have the power to keep it going or stop it.

Think about how many times you decided to stop a dream, goal, or an aspiration because we thought it was going to be too hard, too tough, or too difficult.  There are so many experts and people giving advice in our world.

Some people will tell you how foolish you are for chasing your goals and dreams, but do they really understand you and your plans.  More importantly, do they know the God you serve makes the impossible POSSIBLE!

The Start - Stop Effect can apply to anything within any circle of your personal, spiritual, and professional life.  Only you hold the key to starting that special thing and finishing it.

Would you like to be a better spouse?  Would you like for your spouse to be better?  Would you like to be a better parent?  Would you like to be a better sibling?  Would you like to be a better child?  How would you like to be a better employee?  Would you like to make more money?  Would you like to own your own business?  Would you like to go back to school?  Would you like to be more faithful in a church?  Would you like to be closer to God?  Would you like to develop a better relationship with your friends?  Would you like to be married?  Would you like a home or a better home?  What do you want out of life?

If you know what you want out of life, WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?

What’s Stopping You?


Many times we say what we want out of life, but sometimes we find ourselves coming up short.  Why?  I believe this happens for two reasons.

Reason #1 - We Never Start

The first reason for us coming up short with our goals and dreams is we never start due to FEAR.  I’m not sure what type of fear stops us, but there are many types of fears.  It could be a fear of greater responsibility, fear of unpredictability, fear of failing, etc.  These fears may have different intensities, but they are real fears that stop you from starting.

Reason #2 - We Stop Early

The second reason is because we stop too early.  We all have done this at some point in our life.  We count ourselves out only to find out that we were the best people for the job.

Regardless of the your reason, the commonality between these previously mentioned reasons is they don’t even give you a fighting chance to be successful with either irrational thought or action.  What would it hurt to try?  Why wouldn’t you try?  How will you feel later when you end up having regrets because you never started or stopped too early?

Stop making excuses and start coming up with creative ways of making your goals and dreams happen.


What’s stopping you? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)

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