The Thin Line between Supreme Confidence and Arrogance


We all know someone who has either supreme confidence or supreme arrogance.

So, what’s the difference between confidence and arrogance?  Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference.  And if you are not careful, you may call someone with confidence arrogant or someone who is arrogant confident.

Supreme Confidence


Supreme confidence is having full trust and belief in one’s powers or abilities.  It’s belief in God’s creating power within you when no one else believes in you.  It’s your belief of being able to make the impossible possible.

The odds may not be in your favor and the cards may be stacked against you, but confidence is having the knowledge that God has blessed you with the necessary skills and resources to do what it takes to get the job done.

You should be supremely confident in the gifts God has blessed you with because God created you to be who you are.  Whatever you do, don’t hide the gift or gifts God has blessed you with.



Where can the line be drawn when it comes to supreme confidence and arrogance?  Arrogance is described as an overbearing pride.

The Bible says in Proverbs 16:18, “Pride comes before destruction…”

An arrogant person would say, “No one can tell me anything.”  And, this statement would include God.

Although, we will never come out and say that God cannot tell me anything.  It’s the way we live.  To be honest, at some point in our lives we all have been arrogant, but there is a thin line we have to cross to remove the arrogance to be supremely confident in God.

The Thin Line


When it comes to supreme confidence and/or arrogance, the line is drawn with an individual’s attitude.  If our attitude is to make someone feel lesser, it falls under arrogance.  If our attitude is to please God because He created us with an extreme gift, it then would fall under supreme confidence.  At the end of the day, the thin line between supreme confidence and arrogance is totally dependent on a person’s attitude to please self or God!


Are you supremely confident in God or are you arrogant only concerned about pleasing self?  (Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below.)

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