Have you seen individuals so full of guilt that they don’t feel worthy of any good thing that happens to them or life itself?

We all have times in our lives when we have been wrong and made huge mistakes. Most of us have the fortitude to admit our mistakes and move on with our lives; but what happens to individuals that continue to hold onto the guilt?  They don’t seem to sense the value in this life and they carry negative thoughts, even thinking that spending time with them is not worthwhile. 

There is tremendous value and strength in a hand, a smile, a gesture, and a conversation outreached to people during the valleys of their lives. This type of outreach makes a major difference in their lives and the lives of their family.

Are you reaching out to help someone through his or her valley experiences?

Think about this:  Parents can tell their children how wonderful they are but sometimes the outreach of an outside source such as a teacher, can extend words of encouragement the really register in the lives of students with low self-esteem.  I remember having a middle school teacher who had unbelievable faith in my ability to be a successful student. She never gave up and she was willing to walk the second mile with me with her time to help me understand difficult concepts. She had nothing to gain but the sheer satisfaction of knowing the light bulb of my understanding was lit for me to comprehend even more challenging concepts.  There was much value in her outreach and the way she went beyond to help me as her student.

Think about a time when someone just called you up or pulled you aside for a conversation that was right on time and lifted your spirits.  This is the power, value, and worth of outreach!

Another great example -- most of our Bible teachers have this same effect on the members of the church. Members are constantly reminded in boldness how we can conquer our trails and task that are at hand. These same words of encouragement should be extended to all that are in our surroundings. Many are in the darkness of their struggles and problems. They are unable to see their way through any attempt to problem solving a situation. 

Sometimes, the agony of pain and hurt is deep-seated in people’s hearts.   Be supportive by assisting someone in a time of need.  There may not be a short-term fix, however, the healing process needs to begin.  As a leader, you could be the one that prompted the start to this healing process.  Sometimes, all it takes is to listen; give someone the opportunity to talk within boundaries.  Although it’s not your problem; you should still be cautious to not allow a situation to become your problem.  It is the importance of saving the sanity of others that will cause reconciliation and build a stronger work team or family as they strive to live in peace in this life. 

Be willing to extend, go beyond; outreach to someone!

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Simply Jackie

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