How important is constructive criticism? How valuable is constructive criticism?

Constructive criticism should be important to everyone, but especially leaders. Constructive criticism is a key component to our development as a leader.

The Tennessean published an article by Gregg Steinberg called Do You Value Constructive Criticism? Harper Lee did. He discusses Harper Lee and her positive take on constructive criticism. In this article, Gregg shares two facts about constructive criticism.

Fact #1 - Constructive criticism is painful.

Fact #2 - Constructive criticism is essential to growth.

Gregg didn’t stop there; he also shared three tips to help us embrace criticism:

1. Become aware when you are being defensive.

2. Allow criticism to settle.

3. Flip the switch.

We have the power to choose whether the criticism we receive will help us grow or not. As Gregg states in his article, we can choose to embrace or disregard criticism.

In one of my blogs, I discussed one of the most important things I’ve learned in life. Regardless of whether the criticism is constructive or not, there is always something to learn from any feedback.

As leaders, we have to understand that we are not perfect. Constructive criticism is not only good for us, but it also helps with growth and development of our leadership. If you want to be a better leader, welcome constructive criticism. Actually, embrace it!

When was the last time you received constructive criticism? How did you respond to the criticism? Please share you thoughts below or message me on Twitter or Facebook.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

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