The Value of Time

Time is one of our most valuable possessions.  Please don’t waste it.


Why does it seem that time speeds up when we are doing things we love to do?  On the contrary, why does time drag when we are doing things we don’t enjoy.

We all have experienced this phenomenon.

As a child, I felt as if time slowly dragged as I waited for the highlights of my life to unfold.  Activities and events involving church felt like they lasted forever.

Now as an adult, I feel as if my life is a movie with someone holding the fast forward button down.  More than anything, my children have taught me and are still teaching me the value of time.

Whatever you do, don’t get caught attempting to slow down or speed up time.  Rather, focus on appreciating the value of time.

How do we value our time?

Be A Realist 

The reality is, no one will live forever in these mortal bodies.  And, the next second isn’t promised to us.  Unless you have some form of magical wand, no one is exempt from this next phrase.  “Here today, gone tomorrow.”

“Value today because tomorrow may never come.”


Do those things you need to do, so you can avoid having regrets at the end of your life. 

Be An Optimist

I know this is sort of a paradox, but we must be an optimist along with being a realist.  We should be open to the fact that 24 hours is enough time to accomplish our daily plans and goals.

If we are telling ourselves, “there’s not enough time in a day,” we will to continue make excuses and our daily goals will never be met.

No matter who you are, we all only have 24 hours in a day.  So, let’s take advantage of the time we already have by appreciating each second, minute, hour, and everyday.


Action: Appreciate every moment of every day.  Redeem the time.

Question: What changes can you take to make valuable use of your 24 hours?  (Please leave a comment below.)

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