Tune Up to Get in Tune


When I was younger, I played the trumpet in the 7th and 8th grade.  It lasted only those 2 years.  Since then I have played the guitar off and on for the last 11 years, but I need to be more committed to practicing and playing to be considered a guitar player.  But, that’s like anything else in life.

Life is like playing an instrument, it’s hard to play out of tune.

We have various aspects of our lives we must get in tune from marriages, children, churches, jobs, friends, exercise programs, financial situations, etc.

How do you get your life in tune?

You probably need a tune up, which takes three things: practice, experience, and heart.

Consistent Practice


You may be wondering, “How do you practice when it comes to life?”

The word practice deals with habitual, repeat performance.

If you are going to be successful with any part of your life, it will take consistent practice.  In Killing Bad Habits (click on link), we discussed how to kill bad habits and how to develop good habits to live a productive life.



There is a big difference between practice and experience.  With practice you are pretty much learning on the job, but with experience you have learned from the countless hours of involvement and participation.

Basically, experience is taking what you have learned from your consistent practice and having better insight with your decision-making.  The consistent practice will reveal the negative and positive about life, but your experience will uncover various trends and patterns helping you to avoid the negative.



Heart is more important than consistent practice or experience.


You can do anything in life, but without heart it will not be your best effort or a great success.  Stay tuned to Wednesday’s blog when we will discuss the importance of the heart in further detail.

Until then, just remember to do everything with all your heart.  Your heart will get you in tune with everything in life, but you just have to listen to it.


How will decide to get in tune with life?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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