Many people are searching for ways to become a better leader. Matter fact, most leaders want to be great. As leaders, we may never voice this fact, but when we think about it, who wants to be less than their best?

Are you already a great leader? Who are you leading? Do your followers believe you are a great leader? These are some questions leaders subconsciously ask themselves. Some leaders address these questions and others just ignore them. If you are not looking to be a great leader, you will not waste time addressing these questions.

Great leaders will not quickly or irrationally answer each of these questions, but instead great leaders will take their time, investigate, and assess every part of their leadership in order to improve.

Today, I want to share two things that make leaders great.

1. The Desire to Develop. You cannot help anyone else, if you cannot help yourself. We talk about this a lot in our blogs, but one reason why this is so important is because growth is essential to a leader. If we do not grow, then we cannot continue to influence others. If we are unable to influence others, then we cease being a leader.

Great leaders will always discover ways to grow, learn, and develop. The lack of development in a leader boils down to two things:

1) A person thinks they know it all, or

2) A person just doesn’t care.

There are many issues with these two positions if a person calls his or herself a leader. First, no one knows it all. Even the smartest person on earth needs help.  Secondly, a careless person is insensitive, inconsiderate, disrespectful, and rude. A person with these characteristics will never be an effective leader.

2. The Desire to Help. I was talking with a client and she shared a phrase that said, “When you are sad and blue, something for someone else go do.” I don’t think you have to be sad and blue, but the point of her phrase is to serve. Great leaders always figure out ways of serving others.

Do you enjoy serving others? Great leaders love serving others because they understand life is not all about them. Great leaders just want to live a life of relevance.

When you serve others, you will not only help others find themselves but you will discover many unique gifts within yourself that have been untapped. Try it. Find someone deserving and think about ways you can serve that person. Don’t stop with just thinking about it, but take the next step and act. Serve someone. You will discover gifts you never knew you had. However, at the end of the day we serve because we care about people being at their absolute best.

The strength of leadership lies in the desires of our heart. Whatever your heart desires, usually you will attract that very thing. If you want to be a great leader, I challenge you to desire these things we just discussed.

What are your heart’s desires? How are your desires helping your leadership? Please leave a comment below or message me on Facebook or Twitter.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall, Sr.

MTN Universal, LLC

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