Two Secrets to Success

Many people have come up with various ways of being successful, but there are basically 2 Secrets to Success.   #1 FEAR NOT

Fear tends to steal the show when it comes to success.  Be confident. Know that you were fearfully and wonderfully created by God.

So, what do you have to fear?

Don’t hide behind fear.  Don’t hide in fear.  Step out of the shadows of fear.  BElieve in YOUrself!


In our fast paced, ever changing world; normal is overlooked.  Think about it.  Everyone is looking for the latest and greatest.  It may not be right, but it is reality.

In our world today, you either STAND-OUT or blend-in.

The way you stand-out will determine your degree of success.

No one wants to be defined as weird, but you are weird. (I did just call you weird, but please keep reading)   We may have many similarities, but no one person is the same.  Matter of fact, we all view and do things very differently and that’s what makes each of us weird.

If we were all the same, it would be a boring world.  If everyone on your job had the same skill and ability, you would have a quite normal and boring organization.  What if every person in your family had the same personality, likes, and dislikes?  Can you say, boring.

Dispel any thoughts you may have about the word weird.  I have heard so many actions, objects, and people described as weird, whether negative and positive.  Regardless of the case, we usually use the word weird to describe something or someone different that we are not familiar with.

Weird is good.

Weird doesn’t mean you are an outcast, but it describes your individuality.  It’s about you capitalizing on your UNIQUENESS because there isn’t anyone else that can do what you can do.  From the way you love, the way you dress, the way you style your hair, the way you want to be the best, the way you wear your shoes, the way you smile, the way you cry, the way you say hi, the way you see, to the way you believe; no matter the situation, there is no room to fear.  Just look in the mirror and tell yourself, “FEAR NOT BE WEIRD.”

How are you embracing your weirdness?

Be the weird this world needs!
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