Weird Wednesday


Weird is living out God’s purpose for your life.  In short, God’s purpose for your life is to be weird because weird is being different, set apart, and more like His Son that He gave to us to save us from having to live normal.


What is weird?

I am weird!  Weird is me!

I’m a firm believer that no one is normal, so why not accept your weird?

In today’s blog, let’s look back at several blogs that will help us accept the difference God created us to be.

Take a look at this short blog; Weird Gets A Bad Rap (click link).

You may not find the word weird anywhere in this next blog, but it has weird written all throughout.  Check out; Make Your Mark (click link).  You will discover great ways to promote your life.

One of my favorite blogs is Stand Out (click link).  This blog takes a glimpse into a few ways we can positively stand out to reach new levels of achievements in our lives.

Just don’t make your Wednesday Weird, but make WEIRD a way of life.


What makes you WEIRD?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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