What Makes A Great Father


Children are blessings to a father and a father should be a blessing to his children.


I had the distinct honor of having breakfast with my oldest son this past week at his school, along with 220 other fathers and their children.  It was great to see so many fathers making an effort to be involved in their children lives.  As I glanced around the room, I watched my son and 220 plus children excited by the presence of a DAD.  This beautiful experience inspired today’s blog.

It’s interesting how life happens.  I never thought three young men would change my life like they have.  With each birth, my life has been enhanced beyond my wildest imagination.  It’s amazing how deeply and quickly you can love someone else.  Quite frankly, it’s fascinating.

Life is full of interesting adventures, but none greater than being a parent.  I can’t speak to being a mother, but I would like to share some thoughts on being a father that I have learned from personal experience and other fathers.

Before we discuss What Makes a Great Father, let me first say there are many other fathers more qualified to speak about what makes a great father.  I still have many lessons to learn as a father, which my sons will be instrumental in helping me learn.  This blog is for men and women.  It’s obvious why it is for men, but ladies you also want to make sure you are dating, marrying, or raising your sons to be a great father.  Having a great father in you life makes a world of a difference.

Being a great father doesn’t mean you are perfect, but it means you are putting forth your best efforts.

So, What Makes A Great Father?


1. Be Yourself


God has uniquely created us all, especially as a father.  Each father has a unique way in which he will raise his children, but it’s his unique rearing techniques that make him a great father.

2. Be Consistent


A great father is all about consistency.  We have heard quality time is the key with our children, but consistently spending time with our children has to happen for quality time to occur.  If we are inconsistent with our fatherly responsibilities, then we become Holiday Dads.  Our children aren’t looking for Holiday Dads, but they want to know that we will be there.

3. Be Active


It’s good for father to be present, but it’s better for us to be actively involved in their lives.  How many times have you been somewhere, but your mind was somewhere else?  As a father, we need to make sure present and active in our children lives.

4. Be Understanding


Understanding makes the world of difference in any part our lives, so it is just as important when it comes to being a father.  As fathers, we need to seek to understand our children.  This doesn’t mean we let our children raise themselves, but it will dictate how we will communicate and strategically raise them to face the challenges of our world.  

5. Be Loving


When discussing fatherhood with many fathers, I have heard so many men say their father had a hard time hugging or kissing them.  Unfortunately, most men say it was even harder for their father to say I LOVE YOU!  Regardless of whether you have a son or daughter, they need to hear and feel your love.  This needs to be a consistent practice.

6. Be Persistent


Don’t ever give up on your children.  No matter what they may say or do, we never should give up on them.  We need to persistent about the last 5 points of being a great father.


What do you believe makes a great father? (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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