What’s On Your Daily Wish List?




Just before we blow out the candles on a birthday cake, we say…

“Make a wish.”

When we see a star fall, we say…

“Make a wish.”

We throw coins in fountains and say…

“Make a wish.”

If we are able to see the North star, we close our eyes and…

“Make a wish.”

When the clasps of our necklaces are turned around all the way to the front, we say…

“Make a wish.”

From eating the tip of your cake or pie, seeing a white horse, breaking wishbones, blowing the down off a dandelion to ladybugs; we make wishes.

A wish is a want, desire, request, crave, strong feeling, or passionate longing for something.

So, wishing makes me think about praying.

Praying is making an earnest petition or craving.

Regardless of whether you believe in the wishing tradition or not; here are two important things about wishing or praying.

Two Important Things About Wishing or Praying

1. Be serious about your wishes or prayers

2. Only lift your wishes or prayers to the One who can make them a reality, which is God.

Here are just a few things on my daily wish or prayer list…

Daily Wish / Prayer List

1. To Draw Closer to God

2. To Fully Appreciate Christ’s Sacrifice

3. To Live Controlled by the Holy Spirit

4. To Love My Family

5. To Promote Peace on Earth With All Who Enter My Life


Action: Take a few minutes every morning to review your daily wish / prayer list.  When that becomes natural, start revisiting this list several times throughout the day.

Question(s): What’s on your list? (Please leave a comment below.)

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