What's On Your Don't List?


Life is full of DO’s and DON’Ts; but there is an advantage to some DON’Ts.


Whether you physically write out a To Do List or not, we all have one.  But, What’s On Your DON’T List?  There’s no specific order with the list below, but here is a list of DON’TS that will benefit your life.

DON’T List

1. DON’T give up too early.

2. DON’T ever think life is all about you.

3. DON’T settle for less than your best.

4. DON’T think negative before considering the positive.

5. DON’T take without giving.

6. DON’T forsake love to hate.

7. DON’T forget those people and things that matter most.

8. DON’T text and drive; it will change your life forever, it can wait.

9. DON’T take for granted your family.

10. DON’T make excuses.

11. DON’T fear, be weird.

12. DON’T procrastinate.


What’s on your DON’T List? (Please share your thoughts by leaving your comments below.)

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