One special gift God has given us is family.

Although, we don’t always get along or play fair in the sandbox, we are still family.  God picked you out for your family, so let’s appreciate the gift God has given, knowing He is in control of all things including your placement into your family.  We don’t reward poor behavior in the family, but a lack of love should never be an issue. Please know that love takes invested time. 

The focus today is our beautiful children.  God has blessed me with many blessings, but the gift of my incredible children amazes me.  At this point in my life, they do rise up and call me blessed.  I stand in awe at their accomplishments and admire how God is using them in our society. This isn’t coincidental, it is all blessings God has bestowed upon us. 

Do you see your children as gift or a burden?

It’s summertime and most families have time on their hands to get to know the child living in your home all over again.  A school year has passed and hopefully the year ended with success, and it ‘s time to relax and rejuvenate to start all over again with even more challenges and rigor for the fall at a new level of experience in learning.

First, step back and see the physical, and spiritual growth of your child.  It is amazing listening and seeing their growth within one school year.  Listen, they will share their hearts on the affairs in and outside of our homes.  We must be active listeners.  What does active listening look like with children?  Give the child eye contact, set aside the book or newspaper, and turn off the computer or television.  Any time you have a conversation with your child, your eyes and thoughts shouldn’t be distracted by anything or anyone else. Don’t play “jump rope conversation.”  Jumping in and out of the conversation saying I’m listening while multitasking.  Most children don’t understand the concept and will just think you are just not interested in what they are saying.  Little eyes are watching us and they know whether or not you are truly invested in what they are saying or doing.  As an adult, do we feel the same way when we are trying to communicate to another adult? 

Investigate the likes and dislikes of your child.  Spend some time this summer doing several of things your child likes.  Everything isn’t too expensive to do with your child. One of the richest venues in every city is the Public Library.  Not only does the library have fun events, it helps your child set a goal to commit to reading during the summer.  Many cities have contest and prizes for children to win.  Ride bikes, pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and go to the park.  Run around the house, run the perimeter of your yard, or play tag.  Go outside and play.  Enjoy your family.  When was the last time you played in the rain? 

While having fun, don’t forget the academics.  Our environment is one word problem after another.  Let the children help you with the budget, grocery shopping, and cleaning the house.  Find a craft to challenge the wonderful brain God created within them.  Most of all let them join you in praying and studying the Word of God.  It’s the best way they will learn how to be successful individuals in society.

Lastly, review all end of the year assessments given to your child. This valuable information gives you their strengths and weakness from the concepts or the curriculum they were taught and expected for your child to master.  Encourage and support their strengths, and dig deep within to find strategies to strengthen their weaknesses.  This will place your child in a leadership position in the classroom.

Examine the end of year assessments for your child; find relevant information, and materials related to their weakness.

Review their strengths, but don’t waste time re-teaching what they already know.  Advance your child to be a leader in the fall by getting to know your precious gift all over again now, and putting the work in during the summer, especially in the area of God to cultivate a mentally wholesome person for our society at large. 

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6

Simply Jackie