Who's In Control?

Many things happen in our lives that are out of our control.  At times, those are the very things we attempt to control.

On my way to work yesterday, there was abnormal spike in traffic.  Traffic was at a stand still.

As I was waiting for the congestion to clear, I observed some interesting behavior.

It’s no shock what I observed.

I noticed a lot of things, but more than anything I saw drivers with high anxiety, unreasonable frustrations, stress, etc.

Before I knew it, I began feeling some of those same feelings.  I felt I was being hijacked.  It felt as if someone pushed me into the passenger seat and sat down in the driver’s seat to take control over my life.

I had to make a quick decision to jump back in the driver seat and take control over the wheel of my life.

I had to tell myself, “I have no control over this situation.”

Furthermore, I had to remind myself, “Stick to the plan by controlling what you can.”

There was no way for me to control the following: the accident, the traffic, or the emotions of the other drivers.

However, I could control my feelings and responses to those three things mentioned above.

Daily, we are sucked into the vacuum of trying to control the uncontrollable things in our life.

Not only does this apply to sitting in traffic, but these principles can be applied to your family, business, etc.

What if your child s being disrespectful?  Or…

What if you have a customer that isn’t seeing eye to eye with one of your employees or products?

Check to see who is driving your life.

Maybe, just maybe someone else is in the driver’s seat.

Take back control over your life and jump back in the driver's seat!


God created you to handle that very situation, child, business, or any other relationship you can possibly imagine.


BElieve in YOUrself!

3 Ways To Take Control Over Your Life

#1 Stop and Assess

Survey the situation, relationship, business, etc.

#2 Ask the Right Questions

Find out why things are like they are.  Ask yourself, “How would I feel if I were in this person’s shoes?”

#3 Take Action with Humility

Treat the situation, relationship, business, etc. like you would want to be treated.


Action: Next time anything attempts to take control of your life, take this action.  Stop and say this to yourself, “Stick to the plan by controlling what you can.”

Question: Has anyone or anything ever been in your driver seat?  If so, please share to help someone else take back control over their life.   (Please leave a comment below.)


Bryant E. Hall
MTN Universal
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