Why and How To Sharpen Your Perspective?



Life is what you make it!

Life doesn’t want you to fail or succeed.  Life is neutral.  Matter fact, the same weather falls on us all.

What do I mean?

The sun doesn’t just shine on one person in your city.  It shines on everyone in your city.  Of course, certain parts of world are more susceptible to experience specific kinds of weather.  However, for the most part we all experience the same sun, storms, rain, rainbows, hail, snow, etc.

Facts of Life

As a child I was always told, “If you think you have it bad, someone else has it worse.”

Since my childhood, this statement has always given me great perspective.

The key word in this phrase is “think.”

What we think affects what we do, which in turns ends up defining our life.

As humans, life would be so much better if we had better perspective.

Don’t believe for one second that I am attempting to belittle the pain and hurt we feel in our lives.  The struggle is real for each of us, but I am focusing on our attitude towards the struggle.

Rather than complaining and fighting the reality or facts of life, instead spend your time develop a checklist to help your perspective.

Develop A Checklist

You may not always be able to sit down and write out a plan, but it would be better if you did.  There is something about writing something down and seeing what you wrote down as a constant reminder.  You should perform a checklist for any challenge face.

Your checklist should include the following:

  1. Recognize everyone experiences adversity
  2. Decide to find the good in yourself, others, and the situation
  3. Acknowledge the good in yourself, others, and the situation
  4. Surround yourself with people who will positively encourage you
  5. Speak positive affirmations
  6. Reflect on positive experiences
  7. Read information which will positively support your journey
  8. Focus on why you CAN instead of why you CAN’T
  9. See the possibilities within the challenges and what lies beyond the challenge

The Benefits of a Sharp Perspective

We are well aware of the trials we will face everyday.  It’s no secret that life can be unpredictable.  So there is a need for a sharp perspective everyday we are blessed with life because challenges are coming.

A sharp perspective gives you clear insight with every aspect of your life.  Clarity of vision is beneficial with the following situations:

  • Choosing Friends
  • Finding Love
  • Marrying
  • Having Children
  • Creating Financial Freedom
  • Hiring Employees
  • Picking a Job
  • Starting a Business
  • Becoming an Author
  • Buying a Home, Car, etc.

Action: Wait no longer.  Sharpen your perspective and give yourself the best opportunity to excel in life.  

Question(s): What benefits would you receive from sharpening your perspective? (Don’t be afraid.  Weigh in.  Share your thoughts.  Please leave a comment below.)

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