Why and How You Should Steal Away


To be the best person you can be, it takes you finding some alone time to assess the person you are and who you want to be.

I have discovered many benefits of finding alone time in my life.  Consistent practice of finding alone time continues to reinforce my leadership.

Wednesday’s meditation examines the life of the greatest leader to ever walk our Earth.  We will investigate two different questions that promoted his leadership and will also promote your leadership.

To this day, Jesus is still has the most followers than any man that has ever walked this Earth.  So let’s look at His leadership.

Why It’s Necessary

We have already alluded to why it is necessary, but let’s get more detailed about the why.  As leaders, we must get away from everything and find time to get our thoughts and ideals together.

Everyday we generously give our time to work, friends, family members, social organizations, etc.  But when do you spend time working on you?

There is nothing wrong with helping others and saving the world, but later in our dialogue you will see two instances where Jesus practiced stealing away during a high and low point in His life.  He stole away because he needed to prepare himself for something greater.

You may not know it, but something greater is awaiting you.

What Jesus did should strike a nerve with us because we are all preparing for future challenges and opportunities.  Before we can help anyone else or ourselves advance in life, we need to figure out how to steal away.

How to Steal Away

One of the best examples of stealing away is Jesus Christ.  There were many life-changing events during Christ’s journey, but there were a few moments that solidified His leadership and purpose of saving the human race.  One moment was soon after He was baptized and the other was right before dying on the cross.

Although these moments stimulated two distinct emotions from our Savior, there was a common theme surrounding these two events.

With both situations, Jesus stole away.  This is something we must do as well and I will share why later.  Since Jesus did it, I do believe it would be great practice for us to steal away as well.  Let’s discuss how to steal away.

Here are four simple things Jesus did that we should do daily.

1. Find a quiet place.  The first step to stealing away is finding a quiet place.  We live in such as noisy world, so it can be a challenge just finding a quiet place.  For many, this first step will be the hardest step.  To steal away is to get away from any and all distractions in our lives.  In both cases mentioned above, Jesus removed himself from the crowds and all things so he could focus His mind.  I believe you should do the same.  If you have dreams, aspirations, goals, or any objectives in life, find your quiet place.

2. Make time to be alone.  No, I’m not promoting any anti-social behaviors, but it is important to find some “ME-time.”  You cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to better yourself, which will also better others around you.  If you are living out your purpose, you are serving others in some kind of way.  Being alone allows you to focus on yourself, which will help you discover who you are and who you want to be.

  Whether things are good or bad, we have to carve time out of our day to be alone.  Jesus stole away because He was preparing for the greater.  Just as Jesus prepared His mind mentally after being baptized and before dying on the cross, we should get our minds settled for whatever is to come in the future.

Just a side note, some of my best ideas, thoughts, and ingenuity happens during my alone times.

3. Go to your quiet place.  You have now found a quiet place and made time to be alone, but now you must go to your place.  How many times have we seen someone plan to go somewhere, but never end up going?  Don’t get this far in the process of stealing away, but lack the action to go to the place.

I just had a random thought of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s amazing line in the 1987 sci-fi action movie Predator.  He said, “Get to the choppa!”  In my Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice I must tell you, “Get to your quite place.”  I’m sorry for the Arnold Schwarzenegger reference, but I couldn’t resist.  On a more serious note, going to your quiet place is so important to the success of your life.  Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

4. Be intentional when you are in your place.  How many times have you seen people go to work, but don’t work?  Don’t waste your time in your quiet place.  In our world today, quiet time is a rare commodity.  So when you get to your quiet place, be intentional about what you will be doing in your quiet place.  Be detailed about how many minutes you will be working on each goal you would like to achieve and stick to your schedule.  You intentional practice will lead to focused success and productivity.

By now you should know why and how you should steal away.  It is one of the most important things you can do as a leader of your own life and if you are leading others.  Try these strategies, then please email, tweet, or Facebook me your success stories.  I would love to hear from you.

Question: What desires of your heart are asking for you to steal away?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

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