Why Growth is Inevitable


“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” ~ Galatians 6:7


Everyday we plant seeds.  Seeds of encouragement, seeds of inspiration, seeds of motivation, seeds of anger, seeds of bitterness, seeds of happiness, seeds of contentment, etc.

Everything we decide to do or say in a day is a way of planting a seed.  It’s always good to remember someone is always watching us.

My wife and I may be shopping or dining at a restaurant, but I always take time to watch the behaviors of people.  We have always heard, “Kids say and do the darnedest things.”  I would say, “Kids say and do what they see from adults.”  If you just look around when you are out, you will see some interesting human exchanges.

First let me say, I believe great customer service needs to be a priority no matter the situation.  However, I’ve witnessed mistreatment of many waiters.  Sometimes customers feel they can do any thing they want to do and ninety percent of the times these customers still expect excellent customer service.

Whatever we expect out of others, we must expect the same thing out of ourselves.

Your Seeds Will Grow


What seeds are you planting?

If you plant apple seeds, you would expect an apple tree to grow.  If you plant orange seeds, you would expect an orange tree.

This same principle applies with the things we say and do.  Whatever we plant in our lives will become a realization.

If you feel like things aren’t going your way in life, stop and reflect for a minute.  Ask yourself the question - What seeds am I planting in my life?

If we are asking for our children to do things the right way, we must do things the right way.  If we are asking a group we are leading at work to perform things a certain way, as leaders we better make sure we leading by example.

When we are happy, we are planting seeds of happiness and will reap a harvest of happiness in all areas of our lives.  The complete opposite of that statement is true as well.  When we are sad, we end up planting the seed of sadness in all areas of our life.

Whatever seed you decide to plant, just know that seed will eventually have to produce or bring forth some type of result or outcome.  It’s inevitable!

Whether your seed is good or bad, it has to grow.  So start planting good seeds and grow your life in a positive way.


Question: What kind of seeds are you planting?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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