Why We Should Start Everyday With An Open Mind?

"Starting strong will help you end even stronger."

We have all heard, “It’s not about how you start, but how you finish.”  I believe there is some truth to this statement.  But, I believe there’s more to consider about starting and finishing.

A slow start will affect how strong your finish will be and puts you behind in accomplishing your goals of that day.

In a single day, you don’t have time for  slow start because everyday you get the same amount of hours in that day. 

So, starting strong will allow you to finish stronger.

Growing up, I was a shy young man.  One of my uncle’s would say to me, “Open your mouth because a closed mouth cannot be fed.”  I understood what he was telling me and it made sense.  However, not only did it make sense as a child, but as an adult it makes sense if we apply that same logic with our minds.

“A closed mind cannot be fed.”


Whatever you do, don't starve your mind from the success and achievement that it desperately needs.  Here are several reasons why we must start every day with an open mind:

1. Save Time

Starting with an open mind saves us time, which makes us more productive as leaders.  This will keep us from getting behind.

We have enough to do throughout the day, don’t wait until half the day is gone before you decide it’s time to open your mind.

How many times have you avoided doing something you didn’t want to do, but eventually you had to do it anyway.  If you have an open mind, you will go ahead and get it done.

2. Enhance Your Smarts 

No one knows everything.  So, we should be seeking out various opportunities to learn everyday.

Nothing can penetrate a closed mind.  It takes the individual within that mind to break down those walls to give permission for various learning processes to enter the mind.

3. Set Yourself Up For Success

If you are more productive and have increased your knowledge, it puts you in great position to be successful that day


Action: Start every morning with an open mind.  You can do it!  Tell yourself, “Today I will save time, enhance my knowledge, and I will position myself for success.”

Question: What’s stopping you from starting everyday with an open mind?  How fast will you be able to recognize if your mind is closed?  If it is closed, then what do you do?  Where do you start?  (Please leave a comment below.  Join the discussion.)

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