Why You Need a Foolish Faith


There is no reason for you to believe that you cannot succeed.  So before you can receive, you have to believe.

I am so grateful to God for my foolish faith.  It has been a huge asset to my life’s success.  There have been many situations throughout my life when it has been beneficial.  My family and I come from humble beginnings.  There were times when we didn’t know where our next meal was going to come from or where we were going to lay our heads.  But our foolish faith pulled us through that phase of life.

Do you have a foolish faith?

When you reflect on the decisions and choices you have made, did you utilize a foolish faith?

On Wednesdays, I like to share a small portion of one of my studies that may help you live your life and enhance your leadership skills.  In our dialogue today, we will discuss the benefits of having a foolish faith.

I've been reading a scripture we are all familiar with, and from it, I have noticed three interesting facts.  The scripture is Matthew 19:26,

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

1. Faith is the foundation of success.  Before you achieve, you must believe.  Before a massive building is erected, there has to be one person or even a few people who are able to visualize a provisional finished product.  The finished product may be bigger or a little smaller, but it all starts with belief.

What dreams do you have for your life?  What are your personal and professional goals?  Do you believe you can achieve them?

In our text, Jesus told his disciples “all things are possible.”  I believe many times we put God in a box because of our human limitations.  That was the first thing Jesus spoke about by saying, “With man this is impossible.”

Don’t create impossibilities in your life.  Believe and you will achieve!

2. Know your limitations.  Have you ever seen someone who tries too hard?  I have been guilty of that at times.

When you want something to work so badly, you will try everything possible to make it happen.  And usually it still doesn’t happen.  Believing we can do things by ourselves is part of our failure as humans.

I’m a big fan of accountability, responsibility, and independence.  However, some things require a team.  One of the greatest team players you can have on your team is God.  Matter of fact, he should be leading your team.  If you haven’t discovered this, he is a much better leader than you and I.

The text says, “With God all things are possible.”  This means that the dreams and goals in my life are impossible without God.  So don’t fight adding God to your team; just know your limitations and how your impossibilities will turn into possibilities with God on your team.

3. Understand the true meaning of success.  Success has nothing to do with money, cars, homes, etc.  I know it is considered to be the “American Dream.”

True success is all about having greater opportunities to serve.  Some of the materialistic things aforementioned may come when you focus on serving, but don’t let those things be the focus or definition of success.

It may be hard to “believe” this, but serving is the key to achieving your goals in life.  The greatest men and women of the Bible and in our current business world have sought out various opportunities to serve in a greater way.  There may be just a few exceptions.  But for the most part, success is having greater opportunities to serve people in a greater way.

You too can turn impossibilities into possibilities.  Just use these three strategies and watch your life transform for the good.

Question: What situations in your life require a foolish faith?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

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