“If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.” –Brian Tracy

Just think for a minute where you are today.  Now think for a moment about where you were ten years ago.  Hopefully where you are today looks better than where you were ten years ago.  You and your organization should be evolving into something amazing with the right goals, expectations, and action steps.

We often should take a step back in order to appreciate the blessings we currently have.  We all must come to appreciate our unique self-image that God imbued in us as a creation of His.  No matter our situation, we must see the best in ourselves.  How we view ourselves is so important to the success of our careers and organizations.

How do you view yourself?

It will be hard to be at your best if you are if you are constantly thinking the worst.  As leaders, we have to first lead ourselves by having the right focus about our approach to life.  In our efforts to lead, it is a normal occurrence for us to serve and help others to be better.  However, sometimes we forget to develop and better ourselves. 

It all starts with shutting off that pessimistic voice in our heads.  We all have a pessimistic voice.  Some people’s pessimistic voice is louder than others.  But this is the voice that talks you out of being better and doing the things that it takes to develop yourself.  This voice is a negative critic that does not promote self-development.

There is nothing wrong with critiquing yourself.  But just as you would do with your team members, make sure you constructively criticize yourself.  Improving our perspective of ourselves will elevate our expectations of our actions and results leading us to more successful outcomes.

You are worthy of developing yourself.  Before you can give to others, you must be able to give to yourself when it comes to development.

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Simply Jackie

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