Why You Should Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket!



We have heard for the longest time, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

I agree, but with one exception.

Who’s Your Basket?

I find it very intriguing to know some of the things we put our trust in.

Do you have any doubt if your alarm clock will wake you up in the mornings?  Did you have any doubt that your car would start this morning?  Do you check every set of chair legs before you take a seat?  Do you check to see who will be piloting your plane before traveling?

Many of these things, we don’t even think twice about.


Two reasons: 1) Either we trust our assumption of what the expected outcome will be because of past experience, or 2) We trust in God.

For me, I put all my eggs in the basket of my Creator, which is God.

And you can, “Faith On It.”

Faith On It

If you put money in the bank, you expect for it to be there when you need it.

How many times have you ever said, “You can bank on it?”

Why do we use this phrase?

When we bank on things, basically we are declaring our trust in something.

Faith is all about trust.

Trusting in God has never failed me and it won't fail you.  He has managed to prosper any and every part of my life I planned to put in His hands.

What will you do?

Rather than saying you can bank on it, instead say “You Can Faith On It.”


Action: Check to see where you are placing all your eggs.  Replace “You can bank on it” and say, “You can faith on it!” 

Question(s): Do you have any situations in your life requiring you to put “Faith On It?” (Please leave a comment below.)

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