“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” - Harriet Tubman

Many of us have experienced a succession of images, ideas, and emotions involuntarily in our minds during our sleep.  But have you experienced a vision voluntarily in your mind while awake?  In other words, do you have a big idea or a extraordinary gift that can add value to the lives of others and in some way could positively change our world?

I am supremely blessed to be able to live out my dream everyday of being able to serve and add value to mental and physical development of those in need of my leadership.

What is your dream?

Whatever your dream may be let me share with you two reasons why your dream matters.

1.    Your dream is unique.  I’ve heard there are seven quintillion, five hundred quadrillion grains of sand in the world.  I’ve heard that we have at least 70 thousand million, million, million stars in our observable universe.  Although these natural elements are numerous, each grain of sand and every bright shining star seen or unseen is vastly different.  Likewise, your dream is unlike anyone else’s dream and it is just as important.  Our world needs your dream.  But just remember that no one will be able to make your dream a reality except you.

2.    Your dream is your passion.  One of the reasons we are moved when we see the success of other leaders is because of their passion.  We all know behind every successful leader is an extremely committed and passionate individual that has made many sacrifices.  This is only possible through passion.  Your dream matters because it is an extension of you. 

In conclusion, first let me tell you that your dream matters.  Our world is better when people realize the importance of giving life to their dream.  Your dream matters because it is unique and it is your passion.

Why does your dream matter?  Please leave a comment below, send me a tweet on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook.


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