Words Leaders Use


Words can be a powerful asset to a leader, if used the right way.  Regardless of whether you are leading one person or thousands, a good leader is careful with his or her words.

In the past, I have worked for supervisors who were unable to effectively communicate their vision.  In these cases, words were used carelessly.  Careless use of words doesn’t inspire change, but rather discourages your followers.

Have you worked for a leader that carelessly used his or her words?

Obviously, leaders use many effective words, but here are a few simple words we will discuss today that will help with your success.  Consistently adding these words to your vocabulary will assist you in receiving favorable outcomes as a leader.

1. Thank you.  Saying “thank you” is one of the easiest ways to let your followers know how much you appreciate them.  Never fail to say these two simple words because you wouldn’t be where you are without those who have helped you.

2. Yes.  We hear the word no a lot these days.  More than likely, you have heard “no” at least a hundred to a thousand times.  The same goes for your followers, so find a way to say “yes.”

3. No.  Everything can’t be a “yes.”  There are times when you have to say, “No.”  Some may believe “no” is a negative word to use, but it can be helpful to you and your followers if used in the right way.

4. Sorry.  You will make mistakes.  When you make a mistake, acknowledge your mistake and it will help you move forward.  Hiding mistakes will only lead to further failure.

5. Awesome.  Some people don’t like words such as you rock, you’re the best, you’re awesome, etc.  However, as a leader if you want to inspire someone to follow your vision, you will discover these types of words will light a fire under your followers.  Understanding how to be a source of encouragement will help you tremendously.  Simultaneously, your encouragement will do two things for your followers:

1) Praise their gifts/abilities and 

2) Show appreciation.

6. Care.  Any relationship we are invested in, we want to know that the person on the other end cares.  Take for an example, a doctor operating on your heart or maybe just a minimally invasive knee surgery.  I want to know that the doctor cares about the success of my surgery.  Your followers want to know that you care and that you won’t lead them carelessly.  TIME magazine did a poll and one of the Top Reasons Why Americans Stay At Their Jobs included “I feel connected to the organization.”  A person feels connected when they know someone cares.  Find a way to tell and show your followers how much you care.

7. Serve.  Many people believe leading is all about being a boss.  As a leader, your first goal and responsibility should be to serve.  We serve our followers.  We serve our customers.  Leadership is all about serving.  Let your followers know that you are here to serve them.

8. Forgive.  Not only will you make mistakes, but also your followers and customers will make mistakes.  If you want others to accept your mistakes and move on, leaders must do the same with those who wrong them.  One of the biggest downfalls of a leader is pride and ego.  If you have any of these destructive characteristics, remove these traits and forgive.

Words carry power.  What type of words are you using?  If you will consistently practice using these kinds of words, you will notice an improvement in your leadership skills and an increase in the number of people that will follow you.


Question: How do you use words?  Are you taking every opportunity to powerfully lead and influence others with your words?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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