You Deserve More

No one should dictate how you feel or how you live, but you.  You Deserve More!  We live in an age where it has become increasingly easy for others to make decisions for us and pull us in different directions.

 Except for the Creator, no one should have power to control your life.  And even the Creator gives us the option to voluntarily choose.

For the most part, the problems of our world all stem from individual indecisiveness.

If you don’t take ownership of your life, no one will.  Your faith, family, job, business, and anything else important is at stake.

As parents, no one else will raise our children for us.  If you are an employee, no one will do your workload for you, but you.  As business owners, no one else will plan for the success of our businesses.

It all comes back to the word, OWNERSHIP.

If you know anything about me, I am all about being a team player.  Matter fact, I don’t believe anything great can come about without the help of many.

However, before we can work as a team, individually we must be sound.

We must already have a sense of…




Willingness to learn,

Determination, and


Don’t settle for less waiting for a school, job, government, TV show, church, business, or any other thing else to provide you with a sense of inner well being.

Every aspect of our life will be better, if we add value to our lives and take individual responsibility.

4 Tips To Add Value To Your Life

1. Position Yourself To Learn More

2. Manage Your Time Well

3. Work For Everything You Receive

4. Seek Out Opportunities To Give & Grow


If you allow someone else the pleasure of making plans for your life, you will be quite disappointed at the end of the day.  I can guarantee you one thing, they won’t have much planned for your life because they will be too busy planning for their own life.

Just remember, YOU DESERVE MORE!

Don’t settle for some one else making decisions for your life.

Add value to your life by doing more because you deserve more.


Action: Pick at least one or two of the 4 ways to add value to your life and start with your family, friends, business, etc.

Question: What are some other ways you could take ownership of your life? (Please leave a comment below.)


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