You Make The Difference


Everyone wants to be relevant.  We all want to be able to say we are adding value to our families, jobs, churches, or any social networking group.

Last week, I was in route to my home riding through a construction zone when I noticed something fascinating.  Most of the workers looked pretty unenthused, but there was this one guy I will never forget.

At the hottest time of the day, this guy was making a difference while working outside in 92-Degree weather and left a lasting impression on my mind for several reasons.

1. He was having fun.  The young man was listening to his music and dancing while still doing his job.  He was smiling enjoying his job.

2. He was doing his job.  He was still paying close attention to detail concerning his job because he was directing traffic.

3. He was friendly.  He would wave and had such an inviting attitude with every car that passed him.

The young man I passes could have been complaining about the heat, holding the traffic sign, or just having to stand the entire day.  But he had the best of spirit, which made a difference with his colleagues and the drivers passing.  Everyone seemed just a little more cheerful because this guys attitude.

You may not be able to do some of the things this young man was doing at work, but are you making a difference with your attitude?

With your job, could people / customers say they experienced a person who was fun, friendly and job oriented.  Just remember, you make the difference.

“Big things happen because of the small things we do.”

Question: How are you making a difference?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

MTN Universal, LLC

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