You Still Have Time


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It Goes On.”

~ Robert Frost


We are a month into 2014.

I heard from many in our community regarding words used to describe their 2014.  The words you came up with were Progressive, Intentional, Dynamic, Focus, Transformational (my favorite)!

You still have time to make 2014 a meaningful year.



Here are our monthly themes…

Jumpstart January

Fearless February

Merciful March

Abundant April

Mastering May

Juxtapose June

Joyful July

Active August

Serene September

Optimistic October

No Nonsense November

Detailed December

Hopefully, by now you are settled and positioned to jumpstart your 2014 the right way.

Join us Monday when we will continue with our monthly themes, dealing with Fearless February.

I pray your 2014 will be filled with peace and an abundance of prosperity!


Action: Reflect on what you were able and unable to accomplish in January.  Write down what you will do differently in the month February.

Question(s): My one word to describe my 2014 is Transformational!  What’s one word that will describe your 2014? (Please respond below.)  

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