Mentors, Coaches, Advocates, Speakers, Believers, Friends – We have been called many things, but our mission remains the same.

|  MTN Universal's mission is to invest in committed entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to maximize their potential.  |

If you are looking to maximize your potential, we are here for you.

We are industry experts with a collective mission to enhance our world by serving our community with a heart-led approach.

If you’re looking for services that will offer you personalized support and solutions, you’re in the right place.

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  • Before MTN Universal, I wasn’t sure of my next move. They sat down with me and helped me see to see the bigger picture by coaching me on activities of prioritization. MTN Universal is compassionate, insightful, and skilled.
    — Monique Smith, CEO, Berry Tipsy
  • My leadership knowledge and skills were lacking, but now I have gained a different perspective on the importance of leadership.
    — James Bryant
  • MTN Universal broaden my horizon, opened my eyes to take more accountability.
    — Chris Mitchell
  • MTN Universal helped me to organize, plan, and set goals.
    — Shirley Huey
  • I learned new things about my company and the necessary steps to grow it.
    — Tiffany Davis-Lewis
  • Their (MTN Universal) seminars are exceptional and have helped me connect my leadership to my everyday interactions with family, co-workers, friends, etc. These seminars are detailed in knowledge and presented in an energetic and exciting way.
    — Dr. Patricia Winston
  • Since I am a supervisor and coordinator at work, MTN Universal’s seminars have helped me develop and enhance communication and planning skills. The entire process was exciting and informational.
    — Herman Green
  • MTN Universal taught me how to be patient with people by first actively listening before talking. Their seminars are informative.
    — Gertie Marlow
  • MTN Universal seminars have been inspirational and most helpful. Each class has been enjoyable and enlightening. I’m ready for the next level!
    — Herschel Kirk
  • I have a new perspective on what it takes to develop, maintain, and grow leadership. I have gained new ingredients necessary to make changes in my personal life, professional practice, and spiritual endeavors.
    — Dr. Avery Finch
  • MTN Universal seminars taught me the importance of networking.
    — William Kincaid