Before MTN Universal, I wasn’t sure of my next move. They sat down with me and helped me to see the bigger picture by coaching me on activities of prioritization. MTN Universal is compassionate, insightful, and skilled.
— Monique Smith, CEO, Berry Tipsy
The Mastermind classes have allowed me to understand how to interact with people and how to pay attention to how I talk to them by discovering what’s important to them and what makes us all great. Using these methods at my job has made a difference.
— Davidion Clark, Business Manager, T-Mobile Corp.
Before starting the Mastermind class, I was having struggles with changes at work. Since starting the class, I have been taking what I learned to work and sharing this information with my coworkers. We have been daily implementing the laws at work and as a result the communication is better. Business has picked up and the atmosphere in the clinic is so much better.
— Yolanda Reaves, Patient Care Coordinator, STAR Physical Therapy
I learned new things about my company and the necessary steps to grow it.
— Tiffany Davis-Lewis
MTN Universal seminars have been inspirational and most helpful. Each class has been enjoyable and enlightening. I’m ready for the next level!
— Herschel Kirk
I was skeptical at first. I actually didn’t want to participate. My husband made me attend. Bryant was very positive, but I didn’t believe it would help me. The first day I really almost didn’t show up. I thought this was another “phony” self-help book. But in the first class I was really blown away. Everything Bryant said it would be, it was that and much more. It really changes you and your way of thinking. It will force you to be more aware and put you at a point to choose to change your destiny.
— Gina Kirkland-Hogan
My leadership knowledge and skills were lacking, but now I have gained a different perspective on the importance of leadership.
— James Bryant
The Mastermind Group encourages me to be the best man I can be. It has strengthened my spiritual, personal, and professional walks of life. I am now open to change and growth.
— Nathaniel Young, Catcher, Williams & Associates
Their (MTN Universal) seminars are exceptional and have helped me connect my leadership to my everyday interactions with family, co-workers, friends, etc. These seminars are detailed in knowledge and presented in an energetic and exciting way.
— Dr. Patricia Winston
I have a new perspective on what it takes to develop, maintain, and grow leadership. I have gained new ingredients necessary to make changes in my personal life, professional practice, and spiritual endeavors.
— Dr. Avery Finch
The 15-Minute Miracle has really helped me prioritize my life. Caring for myself in all aspects has to come first no matter what else the day holds.
— Kendra Young, MNPS Café Manager, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
MTN Universal broadened my horizon, opened my eyes to take more accountability.
— Chris Mitchell
I am excited because I have learned so much. In this short period of time. I feel like I can take on the world. I feel like I learned what I needed to learn to make my business a success.
— Regina Watkins, Entrepreneur
Since I am a supervisor and coordinator at work, MTN Universal’s seminars have helped me develop and enhance communication and planning skills. The entire process was exciting and informational.
— Herman Green
MTN Universal seminars taught me the importance of networking.
— William Kincaid
Before this group, I always talked about what I wanted to do. But now, I’m being more active. I’m being intentional with my time and putting my goals into action. Procrastination is no longer a part of me.
— Daija Ricks
MTN Universal helped me to organize, plan, and set goals.
— Shirley Huey
I have received so much value from Bryant during this course. The information he has provided let’s me know he cares about my well-being and me. He has exposed me to the laws of leadership. I had been doing it wrong all this time. This course has taught me to take control of my leadership skills, love me more, care more about others, stand up for myself, navigate my daily activities, plan and be more vigilant with my walk with God, create spiritual relationships, and make better better decisions towards my goals.
— Waynetta Patterson, Security Officer, Life Resolutions, Inc.
MTN Universal taught me how to be patient with people by first actively listening before talking. Their seminars are informative.
— Gertie Marlow
The Mastermind classes have helped me speak up and take action. I am getting out of my comfort zone and adjusting to the changes within myself.
— Porsche Kelly, Service Counselor II, Dept. of Treasury
I was struggling with what I wanted to do with school. This Mastermind Group has driven and held me accountable to make an intentional decision. At this point, I am two-classes away from receiving my Master’s Degree and pursuing my Doctorate Degree.
— David Ricks, Jr., Client Resolution Specialist, UBS Financial Services
Before this class, I wouldn’t say anything in a group. But now I’m opening up more and I feel comfortable when I speak. These classes are really encouraging because it deals with problem solving and what to expect in everyday situations. This process has really helped me. Thanks
— Yulonda Tucker, Roving General, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
The shared experience of members in the Mastermind Group has been valuable.
— Michael Bryant
Before this Mastermind Group, I struggled with leading my church, family, and work. Specifically, the action I have taken that has helped me is the 15-Minte Miracle and studying the class lessons. My eyes are now open to what I need.
— John Davis, MNPS TIS Helpdesk Supervisor, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools