In today’s fast-paced world, you need a thoughtful strategy to get ahead. However, most businesses don’t have the luxury of taking time off to think about these kinds of things. That’s where we can help! 

Most successful business leaders have experienced tremendous benefits from some form of coaching or training. Results have included increased revenue, bolstered productivity, career advancement, higher employee retention rates, and the development of game-changing business strategies.  

Your package will be customized to suit the unique needs of your business. You and your team will be actively involved in the process from start to finish. With your guidance and input, we will design a training program specially tailored for your business. By the time we’re done, you will have the tools and mechanisms in place to go after your goals in concrete, meaningful ways. We are ready to empower your business from the upper levels of management downward. 

Working with MTN Universal, it is YOU that will help define the agenda, because it is YOU that will see the results. And if we’ve proven anything over the years, it’s that we know how to get results! Our clients experience substantial returns on investment from their training courses, sometimes as much as 200% revenue growth.

That’s right: 200% revenue growth!

Our responsibility:  Providing content, insight, tools, wisdom, frameworks, ideas, and feedback.  
Your responsibility: Moving from simple awareness to meaningful action and accountability.

Goals of MTN Universal’s coaching program:

  • Adding a third party to your leadership team who is both objective and supportive
  • Increasing the accountability of your personal and professional goals
  • Improving specific skills related to your role, such as managerial skills, communication, conflict resolution, time management, productivity, and efficiency
  • Examining best practices from other organizations that have done similar work
  • Reviewing strategic business decisions related to operations, customer service, marketing, financials, and more
  • Acting as a sounding board for your processes
  • Taking steps to help you preventing problems, thereby avoiding protecting your time, money, and reputation
  • Supporting your growth and empowering you to achieve and surpass your wildest dreams
  • Workshops on networking and relationship development
  • Workshops on conflict resolution
  • Mentoring you as you move forward with you action plan
  • Creating a collaborative team atmosphere

Let MTN Universal’s team of experts help you shift your business plan into action.  We will focus on six critical items to profit your business – leadership, strategy, finance, human development, communication, and teamwork.  Your new strategic plan will provide clarity to your company’s direction by making sure your business is accountably thinking and actively thriving.  You can choose from the following packages:

Business Tune-Up Package

This is a half-day of training. These sessions will ensure that you have an effective, strategic plan in place. Together, we will assess your current results, identify new opportunities, and keep your plan moving forward. We guarantee that you will leave this session re-energized, with concrete ideas on how to take your business to the next level.

Business Deluxe Package

This is a full day of training. During these sessions, we will discuss your business’s goals and overall direction. From there we will examine the systems that you currently have in place to determine your organization’s effectiveness. Finally, we will develop and discuss actionable steps to push your company forward and manage your daily operations more efficiently. This will get you and your team ready for achievable and profitable results.

Business Prime Package

This is a two-day training program. These sessions will focus on “outside-of-the-box” business training. We will identify and examine your strengths and weaknesses so that we are well-equipped to develop a tailored action plan. We aim to improve sales, strengthen customer service relations, empower employee accountability, and achieve meaningful growth for your business. When you leave this training session, you will have specific, day-to-day steps that you can take to move your business towards your goals.

Business Total Package

This is a full week of training. During this week we will navigate each hour of each day by carefully assessing the needs of your organization. We will incorporate interpersonal activities to build relationships, improve communication, and create effective dynamics within your team.  Our hands-on, fun, interactive activities will bring out the best in your team’s potential. Along with these activities, we will provide next-level leadership training for your department heads, senior level leaders, and any other leadership team within your company. This package will help you develop and foster more important relationships within your company, which will improve your customer service experience, efficiency, and overall profitability.

Business Social Media Package

The social media strategy package focuses on developing a clear purpose behind every digital action you take. Business was once limited to going door-to-door or cold calling, but the dawn of the internet age has gifted us with endless possibilities. Together, we will leverage these possibilities to expand your business and increase profitability. 

Business Pulse Survey Package

This multi-faceted process will take a three-dimensional look at every aspect of your business.  We will look at every pieces of feedback from your customers, your executive team, your stakeholders, and your personnel. The pulse survey will not only engage your customers and your team, but also provide key information about your competitors, thereby helping you get closer to your business goals.

Benefits of our Training Packages include:

  • Establish a Coaching Agreement
  • Determine all necessary participants
  • Collect key data and feedback with MTN’s 360-degree review
  • Identify training objectives and goals
  • Implement an Action Plan
  • Provide progressive review and feedback
  • Execute post-coaching follow-ups
  • Unlimited email / phone support

We utilize the following as tools for success:

  • Lunch and learns
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Individual colleague assessments
  • Phone conferences

We believe in and respect your individuality, so the nature and pricing of our training sessions will vary depending on the needs of your organization.