There are many opportunities and privileges that come with leadership, but it also comes with tremendous responsibility.  I believe we all are leaders.  The questions are who, why, and how are we leading?  Have you ever thought no one was watching, but you looked around and saw someone watching you?  The fact of the matter is that someone is always watching us, which makes us all leaders.

Since the beginning of human existence, leadership was and still is one of the most important factors to humans thriving versus surviving.  The key is to embrace your opportunities to lead.  In many cases, even if you decide not to lead you are still making a decision to lead.

Whether you believe you are a leader or not, leadership has its benefits.  My hopes are that you will see the benefits of leading, and seek various ways to develop your leadership. Here are 5 benefits of leading:

1. Attainability

The great thing about leadership is that you don’t have to have a special degree, be in a special management position, or have a ton of money to be a leader.  Leaders are found throughout all levels of any organization.

2. Excellence

The success or failure of any organization lies in the leadership of the organization.  Great leadership creates excellence in many other parts of an organization.

3. Efficiency

Great leaders discover ways of achieving and accomplishing things with little wasted time and effort.  This can only happen if a leader continues to develop his or her leadership skills.

4. Versatility

Another benefit of leadership is that it causes a leader to be versatile.  Leaders have to find ways of adapting and understanding various individual and group dynamics.  High levels of success are definitely correlated with highly versatile leaders.

5. Opportunity

As a person develops their leadership, further opportunities to grow and develop their leadership will be evident.

I will leave you with this quote from Jack Welch, the Former CEO of General Electric.  He said, “We have made leadership development the most important element in our work.  We focus on some aspect of it every day.”

I don’t know where you are with your leadership, but I know everyone can sharpen his or her leadership skills.  I hope you will search for various ways and strategies to develop your leadership.

What benefits have you discovered through leading?  Please leave a comment below or email me directly.


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