“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” - Mattie Stepanek

The success of making any dream a reality is dependent on your team.  One common acronym used for team is, “Together Everyone Accomplishes More.”

What are your life goals?  Do you have a team to help you accomplish those goals?

We had great Mastermind Group sessions this past weekend.  Every participant is making phenomenal progress towards accomplishing his or her life goals.  I am humbled to be part of the entire growth process and the continued development of these leaders.  This past weekend, we discussed the importance of having a team.

Nothing we do in life is achieved without a team.  Even when you think you are working alone, there are other people usually working behind the scenes on your behalf.  Reflect for moment and think about everything you have accomplished in your life.  Who was involved in the process of you achieving any of your goals in the past?  Did anyone help you?

Another phrase we have heard for many years is, “There is no ‘I’ in team.“

Of all the great leaders and organizations, not one was able to do it without great teamwork.  The same will be the case for you and your life goals.  It will take the unified effort of a team.

So how do build a great team to achieve your dreams?

1. Discover the real you.

Do you know the gift you have been blessed with or what you are capable of?  Before you can build a team, you have to first know who you are.  You have to know your strengths and weaknesses.  Self-awareness will help you discover all your capabilities and limitations.

2. Choose great people to be on your team.

Will your team include family members?  Will it be your friends?  Remember, you have the right to choose who you want on your team.  Part of your selection process will depend on your trust in the people you are selecting.  Also, choosing the right people will be contingent on your goals.

3. Surround yourself with people who compliment you.

There is nothing wrong with having people on your team that can do what you do.  However, it will benefit you to build a team of people who can perform in areas where you are weak.  You will be more productive with achieving your goals by diversifying the talent on your team.  For example, if you are the creator and need help with managing your financials, it will be smart to select someone to join your team who is good with money.

4. Care for your team.

Once you choose your team, you should also invest in them.  It’s important that you care for those who care about the success of your goals and dreams.  And you will discover the more you nurture the relationships within your team, the more success you will have with your life goals because of the trust and unity between each team member.

There is nothing more important than the human relationship.  If you carefully handle the people in your life, they in turn care for you and all your aspiration.  Don’t just look for your needs to be met, but help other get what they want.  It was Zig Ziglar who said,

“You can have everything you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

What do you want in this life?  You can have it if you focus on adding value to your team members.

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Bryant Hall, Sr.

CEO & President of MTN Universal, LLC

Coach, Speaker, Trainer of the John Maxwell Team