Do You Know What It Takes to Build a Successful Life?


There is a unique process to building a house.  There are many inspections you must go through before you can occupy your home.

Well, when it comes to success, there are inspections that must occur before you can achieve success.

It’s not a secret.  Many people speak about secrets to success, but these same secrets are common knowledge to everyone.  So, I would like to share two common facts that will help you build success in your life.

First, let me qualify the meaning of inspections.  An inspection is just a careful examination of something.  We should be inspecting many things in our lives, but there are two primary things that will build your success.

There are many things we will need to assist us in building a successful life such as exceptional work ethic, determination, patience, and many more.  However, there are only two things that will serve as a foundation for success in your life.

Building Block 1 - God


We are living in an age where it is more challenging than ever to draw near to God.  There are so many distractions and reasonable things we have to get done in a day.  Unfortunately, when we start running short on time, we begin to shorten or erase the time we should be spending with God.

I believe we all would agree on God being the creator of the world.  So, how do you think God feels when we are finding time to spend with Him.  It’s more than a prayer before breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner?  It’s more than just reading a passage from the Bible.

It’s about having a close relationship with our Father, God!  It’s about walking and trusting Him to lead the way.  Rather than making a decision for our lives based off of limited knowledge, instead use God and His ability to pull you through any circumstances.

Now you have 75% of what it takes to build a successful life.  But what else is needed to build a great foundation for a successful life?

Building Block 2 - Family


The last building block to building a successful life is honoring and respecting the family.

Family is everything!  Many people will enter you life, but not all those people will be with you through your good and bad.

When you discover the importance of family, you will discover a new life.

There is nothing on this Earth more important than your family.  Matter fact, accomplishing your dreams and aspirations will be feel much better if you are able to share it with your family.

We all have different views about the word success, but the foundation of success begins and will end with God and family.  Believe it or not, some of the world’s most accomplished people didn’t successful because they lacked one or both of these building blocks.


What do you believe it takes to build a successful life?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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