Are you experiencing true freedoms personally and professionally?

I feel extremely grateful for the liberties I am able to enjoy in America because of the sacrifices made by many courageous men and women.  However, to enjoy the greatest freedom requires acts of courage from you.  No one else can give you this freedom.  The freedom I am speaking of is - freedom of the mind.

You will be able to achieve just about anything when you have freedom of the mind.  So what is freedom of the mind?

Freedom of the mind is your ability to have inner peace.

Are you at peace with all facets of your life from home to work to social to church to finances to your physical health?  It is important for us to have inner peace.  You will need these 4 strategies to possess the inner peace needed to enjoy freedom of your mind.

1.    Accept the Truth.

Why fight, resist, or struggle when it comes to the truth?  Truth is the key to enjoying inner peace and freedom of the mind.  So what is the truth?

Truth is knowing you were created uniquely gifted by God.  Two Sunday’s ago I was blessed to hear a sermon by my father.  His message spoke to the fact that we all have been gifted.  Accepting the truth is understanding the gift God has gifted each of us with, which also means we embrace and make that gift work for our good.

2.    Take Appropriate Action.

It would be unfortunate for anyone to miss out on having freedom of the mind because of an inability to take appropriate action.  Appropriate action is needed to enjoy freedom of the mind.  Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi said, “Action expresses priorities.”

What we do and how we do it determines our ability to possess freedom on the mind.  Many of the greatest leaders experience freedom of the mind because they don’t allow their lives to be saturated with regrets.  Their lives are not controlled by words such as should have, would have, or could have.  Instead they are filled with appropriate action.  In other words, these leaders are not afraid to make the right decision no matter how tough the decision may be.  What appropriate action do you need to take?   

3.    Consistently Speak the Truth.

English writer Lewis Carroll put it this way, “Always speak the truth, think before you speak, and write it down afterwards.

The opposite of speaking the truth is telling a lie.  Telling a lie is a lot of work.  It is work trying to remember the details about something that never happened.  Freedom comes to those who speak the truth, especially those who consistently speak the truth consistently.

4.    Enjoy the Process.

I was talking to a leader just yesterday.  During our conversation, we started discussing the process of her becoming a medical doctor.  She shared with me how challenging the process was of her becoming a doctor, but she also explained how she enjoyed the process.

I have seen and talked to many leaders that missed out on enjoying the process.  It is unfortunate when this happens because it is quite hard to enjoy the destination if you cannot enjoy the journey.  Most of our time is spent trying to achieve our goals, but what good is it for us to achieve with a bad attitude or the wrong mentality.

In closing, you will need these four strategies to receive freedom on the mind.  Let’s be honest, there is nothing more important than freedom of the mind..

What could you accomplishment with freedom of your mind?  Please leave a comment below, send me a tweet on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook.


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