Some career experts these days are saying when starting a new job that you should already be planning for your next job.  And I agree.  If you don’t take control over your promotion planning for your self, who will?

People usually think about moving up in an organization when they hear promotion talk.  But I want you to have a different perception about receiving a promotion.  A promotion is advancement in rank or position, but it also means to help or encourage something to flourish, further, or be better.  Another definition for promotion is to publicize or advertise. 

Whether you are part of an organization or you own the organization, you should be thinking about how to promote yourself.  Remember if you don’t promote yourself, no one else will.  So let me share 7 ways how you can give yourself a promotion.

1.    Develop Mentoring Relationships.

2.    Quantify Your Results

3.    Acquire New Skills

4.    Build Your Network

5.    Ask For More Responsibility

6.    Exhibit Professionalism

7.    Be A Team Player

Once you discover how to make these 7 strategies part of your daily life, it is then that you will realize promotion in many other areas of your life.  Which one of these areas do you need to work on the most in order to receive your promotion?  Please leave a comment below.


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