Meet the Ex's


No, I’m not talking about ex-girlfriends or ex-wives.

I’m talking about ATTITUDE!

How many times have you heard, “Life is all about attitude?”  You have heard this phrase so many times because it’s true.

Let me share with you two of my Ex’s I can’t do without.

Meet The Ex’s

#1 Extraordinary Perspective

Start your mornings off with an Extraordinary Perspective.

I believe everyone knows the importance of starting a race well.  If you are deciding to start anything in life, make sure you are starting strong with extraordinary perspective.

I don’t know a better way to begin your day, any relationship, work, school, etc.  Allow your ImAgiNAti()n to run free about the opportunities that will come from the day’s challenges.

It will take some practice, but extraordinary perspective will cause the next Ex to work for you.

#2 Extreme Confidence

If you believe you can, you will.

Often, all we lack is extreme confidence.

Extreme confidence dismisses distractions and ignores the naysayers.

Everyday you wake, make an attempt to Meet the Ex's and watch what will happen to your life.


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