Where there is no vision, there is no hope. -George Washington Carver

Leadership has been around since the beginning of time.  It can be seen in every form of nature.  The question is how important is vision when it comes to your leadership?  When you look at past great leaders and various leadership styles, you will discover that vision is a key component to the success of any leader.

Great leaders are people who develop other great leaders.  In other words, the greatest leaders are able to see greatness in others before they even recognize greatness in themselves.  However, the truth of the matter is you cannot develop or see greatness in someone else if you don’t first develop or see greatness in you.  Here are two ways to sharpen your vision as a leader, and consequently improve your success as a leader.

1. Meditate Daily

Many of my best ideas have come during times of silence, reflection, or meditation.  As a matter of fact, this blog and business originated out of many moments of meditation.  It is hard to generate a successful vision for your leadership with intentional times of meditation.

Research supports that meditation helps with improving blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, relieving stress, improving quality of sleep, improving immunity, and creating a happier and healthier life.  This all will help with the flow and success of your leadership.

Meditation is an extreme form of focus and concentration.  With so many distractions in this age, consistent daily deep mediation is important to you learning who you are and what you need to do to live a successful but also significant life.  So take a few minutes out of everyday and meditate and grow your leadership.

2. Sow Daily

The best leaders are more concerned with sowing the right seeds as compared to reaping.  These leaders don’t worry about reaping at all.  They know that if you sow right, you will reap right.  What would happen if you asked a bank teller for money without ever putting money in that bank?  I don’t know of any bank that will give you money without you putting money into that bank.  The same thing applies to leadership and success.  As a leader, you must see or envision a need to sow the right perspective, intentional listening, and the value of relationships.

The vision of a leader is undeniably an important aspect of achieving success.  Vision can be developed, but daily mediation and sowing is critical to bring about your desired outcomes.  As you continue to sharpen your leadership vision, watch the direct correlation to your advancement in your leadership vision and your leadership success. 

How are you investing into your leadership vision?  Please leave a comment below or email me directly.


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