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Every year at least 600-800 films are released, which is about 66 movies a month.  There are between 600,000-1,000,000 books published every year, which is a little over 83,000 books a month.  Why?  Because we are all inspired by a good story.

What is your story?

Some people believe their story isn’t inspirational.  There are others that believe their story isn’t important because they feel there are too many similar stories.

I can guarantee you that no matter how many stories have been written or told, no one has your story.  Your story is unique.  It is this uniqueness that will lead you to your success.  With that said, here are 3 ways to write your own story.

1.    Know Your Story

It’s impossible to tell your story, if you don’t know it.  Your story is a collection of all your experiences personally and professionally.  Sometimes we are so busy living our normal routines that we don’t think about all the various experiences that have made us who we are.  We will learn, grow, develop, and achieve great things if we will go back and take note of our past experiences.

2.    Believe in Your Story

You can’t believe in something that you don’t know.  So the better you know your story, it will help with your belief in it.  There are so many great stories, but your story is just as great.  You just have to believe it.  It is easy to buy into other stories, but why not buy into yours.  If you don’t buy into your story, no one else will.

3.    Free Your Story

Your story is worth sharing with the world.  You shouldn’t be the only one to know your story.  No matter how many stories we all have heard, we are always looking forward to the next one.  Don’t make your story a prisoner to your mind.  Your success and significance is wrapped up in your ability to release your story to others.  Let your story grow, develop, and inspire others.

If you haven’t started writing your story, it’s time to start.  If you have been constructing your story, then maybe it’s time to refine it.  So what is your story?

I want to hear your story.  Please leave a comment below or email me directly to share your story.  If you need help writing your story, I would love to help you.  Just remember, your story will determine your success.


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