A leader will face many challenges as they evolve and develop.  In the process of growing as a leader, there is one common challenge every leader will face.

I have had the privilege of interviewing and coaching some phenomenal leaders with exceptional skill and great vision.  However, most of these leaders have all shared how the common worst enemy of any leader is self.

When it comes to your development and success as a leader, the one person who can sabotage all of your goals and dreams is you.

Of course, to accomplish great things we need the help of valued partners.  With that said, the key to all of your achievement begins with you.  Here are 5 ways to avoid getting in your own way of growing and achieving as a leader.

1.    Develop an incessant hunger to learn.

The best leaders never stop learning.  They make the world and everything around them a university.  Everyday they awaken and go to school wherever they are.  These leaders learn from all things all people.  In fact, they will go to any extent to get the knowledge needed to grow and be better.

2.    Don’t make excuses.

Excuses give us permission to fail or settle for less.  This is why great leaders are all about accountability versus making excuses.  Before you make your next excuse, be honest with yourself about what you can do better.  Life is too short to live in denial, and your leadership is too valuable to not take responsibility for your actions.  

3.    Listen more.

Communication has always been important, but it has become increasingly important in our fast-paced society.  As a leader, one of the most important parts of communicating is listening.  Listening allows us to make sense of and understand what others are saying and what they are not saying.  It is impossible to grow if we cannot master the skill of listening.

4.    Surround yourself with great people.

Whether it is work or just hanging out with friends, you have to find yourself connecting with great people if you desire to be great.  These people don’t have to think just like you, but they must share your sentiments of living with accountability, action, and purpose.

5.    Stop thinking the worst of yourself.

This is a BIG point.  How you view yourself determines how others will view you.  If you don’t think you are capable and worthy, no one else will believe you are capable and worthy.  You may be asking, how do I think the best of myself?  I would point you back to points one through four.  A daily practice with these strategies will develop the confidence you need to have a better perspective of yourself.

So I think it is fair to say that we control our level of achievement and success.  Everyone has their challenges and no one has it easy, but it is your accountability and actions that makes a difference.  Don’t get in the way of your success with limited thinking.  Think big, learn big, set big goals, and achieve big.

What strategies or practices are you utilizing to better your leadership capabilities?  Please leave a comment below or email me directly.


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