Enjoying The Ride Of Your Life


A few weeks ago, I was watching television when I came across professional bull riding.

I witnessed these men were firmly strapped down to a 1,800 pound bull.  With anticipation, these courageous men wait patiently in their stalls for the ride of their life.

I don’t know much about bull riding, let alone professional bull riding.  What I do know is life can be a heck of a ride.  Rather than complaining about it, instead enjoy the ride of your life.

Life is full of many emotional experiences such as love, fear, hate, jealousy, anticipation, excitement, fulfillment, frustration, betrayal, emptiness, joy, happiness, loss, stress, amazement, sincerity, shame, loyalty, etc.

These emotions will take us for a ride, whether we volunteer for the ride or not.  A person may lack showing emotion, but no one can escape experiencing the emotional ride of life.  We were created to be emotional beings.

So, why not enjoy the ride of your life?

The Ride Will Get Easier

The ride will get easier, but that doesn’t mean the ride will be easy.  Just remember, you must open yourself to life’s emotional ride to grow from life’s emotional ride.

There is no benefit to resisting life’s emotional ride because it's a guarantee you will experience the following:

  • You will develop short-term and long-term relationships along the way,
  • You will win and lose,
  • You will make mistakes and learn from them,
  • You will experience heartache and happiness,
  • You will take 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards,
  • You will find disappointment followed by determination, and
  • You may even have some regrets.

As you continue with the ride of you life, you will notice your experiences will make you stronger and better capable to handle the next emotional experience.

Every bull rider would probably tell you their first ride was probably their worst ride.  As with life, anything you do for the first time or even the first few times, it will be a challenge.  Just make up in your mind that you will enjoy the ride.

Appreciate The Ride

Life is short!

As clichè as it may sound, it is the truth.  Let’s face it, we aren’t going to live forever on this earth.

You never know when your riding days are over.  No matter how strong, smart, or fast you may be; one day your riding days will end.  With that said, appreciate the ride.

When I speak about “the ride,” I talking about life.

It was Franklin D. Roosevelt that said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”

Life is an adventure.  Just like the bull riders, don’t be afraid to jump on your bull and have the time of your life experiencing the emotional ride of life.  Take it all in, grow, and leave no regrets when your riding days are over.

What are you doing to enjoy the ride of your life? (Please leave a comment below.)

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