What's Going On?


Children are a blessing!


I just had a conversation with a friend about the predicament of our youth and the various challenges they have to face daily.   Our conversation had no cultural biased, what we were and are discussing today touches all ethnicities.

It seems we have an act of school violence every other week, if not every other week.  Each time I hear of a new report, my heart drops.

I’m left with the question, What’s Going On?

More and more of our children are being kidnapped or abandoned.

I’m left with the question, What’s Going On?

As adults, sometimes we can be accused of removing children from their childhood too soon.  Children are expected to grow up a lot quicker these days.

I’m left with the question, What’s Going On?

In some cases, we have children having children and children raising children.

We all should be asking the question, What’s Going On?

Every situation above is a real issue our young people are facing these days.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know there’s a problem if you aren’t asking yourself the question, What’s Going On?

Once you ask yourself this question, I believe you will discover that many contributing factors are causing these unfortunate events to occur in the lives of our beautiful children around the world.

By asking this question, we will find ways to preserve the current and future generations to come.

We all have a role to play in our children lives, especially if you are a parent!  Our world has whole has become numb to some these situations.  Let’s put the feeling back into hearts and ask the question, What’s Going On?


What’s Going On? (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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