Know your priorities and identify the five powerful action steps that intend to take to move your initiatives forward each day.  – Jack Canfield

Where are your priorities?

Let me be very clear that nothing takes priority over God and family.  But when it comes to the workplace your priorities must be in order as well.  Be careful about taking on to many projects at work to ensure efficiency and productivity with your most important tasks.

It is hard to be productive when your focus is spread thin over many projects whether they are of high or low priority.

Make every attempt to focus on mastery of a specific skillset.  Also make use of your team for projects to complete your priorities.  Good use of your team will assist you with all your priorities.

You’ve probably heard that team stands for “Together Everyone Achieve More”.  Well, it is true.  Every assignment will be quickly resolved if every team member is viewed as a vital piece of a puzzle.  As a leader, you have to believe that nothing is impossible for your team and work toward assisting them to believe.  However, belief isn’t enough.  There also must be action from you and your team.  

Action begins with each team member believing in each other by being respectful and complimentary of your team’s gifts and abilities.  Don’t just give orders and expect wonders to happen when you are leading.  Be relentless in encouraging everyone to grow and flourish in the environment you’ve provided.  The key is to be focused in action.

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Simply Jackie