“My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - police, firefighters and members of our armed forces.” - Sidney Sheldon

How precious is your freedom?  Do you value your freedom to vote, speak freely, and worship unabated?

Freedom is a precious commodity.  Many people have sacrificed their lives for the freedom we have in the United States of America.

Everyday I am reminded of this freedom.  It is great to know that everyday I wake up; I can choose how I want to live my life.  I am grateful for all those who have served for our country.  These individuals are the real heroes.  Any time I see or know of anyone who has served our country in any capacity, I will go out of my way to let them know how grateful I am for their service.

How grateful are you for your freedom?

Whether you visit a memorial, attend a special service, or you’re just enjoying your day off, please remember the fallen men and women of who served in the country’s armed forces.  In their military service, they unselfishly sacrificed all to give us the freedom and safety we have in America.

Not just today, but everyday we are thankful to these fallen heroes and their families.  Join me and pray constantly for those actively in service, our fallen heroes, and all the families associated with these brave men and women.

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Bryant Hall, Sr.

CEO & President of MTN Universal, LLC

Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer of the John Maxwell Team