“I think seizing the opportunity and making the most of your time is very important, and loving life.” - Bindi Irwin

For most of us this season of greetings started right before or after the Thanksgiving Holiday. A maximum number of people are ecstatic to celebrate, relax and observe a season of giving. There appears to be an increase attitude of cheer in the workplace. This is still a time to be productive. Hopefully, these tips will help you to implement a gentle plan of action to enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.

Be Practical

It is the end of the year when everyone is simply trying to end it well.  As a leader, take the initiative to embrace this time of joy and cheer. Let us get motivated to achieve higher accomplishments of success. Work can be completed with an upbeat and positive environment. Goals must be clearly stated and work within a practical time frame for the tasks to be accomplished.

Be Present

Monitor the situation while being cordial and pleasant. If help is needed don’t hesitate to share your information and time to assist in accomplishing the goal. Be alert and involved this season. Lead by example. Although many people are filled with holiday cheer, just remember everyone may not be thrilled with the season. It is the job of the leader to motivate and encourage all workers. The leader must always be present for this to materialize.

Be Primed

After observing the environment, have a plan of action. The time of joy should also be a time of fulfilling responsibilities. The worker that is extremely unhappy and agitated with the rest of the staff must be offered encouraging advice. Put into operation a clear plan for work completion. Lastly, enjoy this season and try to get additional rest to prepare for the upcoming new year.

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