“I believe that visualization is one of the most powerful means of achieving personal goals.” - Harvey MacKay

Every achievement that has ever been accomplished by a person all started first in the mind.  It holds true whether the achievement started with you or if you are supporting someone else’s vision.  It all starts with belief or visualization in your mind.

The year is coming to an end quickly, but the year isn’t over yet.  You still have time to start envisioning your success for the New Year.

What would you like to accomplish in this upcoming year?  How do you plan on accomplishing these things?

All scholarly research explains the ability to mentally picture your success is important to accomplishing your dreams.

This can only be possible by thinking positive.  There are some people that believe positive thinking is being fake.

You can call it being fake, but the power of positive thinking is what starts the process of you achieving.  Of course, there are successful people that don’t think positive.  However, the best way to secure your success is by thinking positive.

Let’s be honest, no one else we be able to picture your success if you are unable to see yourself being success.  You have to think positive and visualize your success.

What do you need more positive thoughts about?  What success do you need to visualize for your life?  Please leave a comment below, send me a tweet on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook.