Leaders are greatly responsible for the growth, development, and productiveness of their teams and organizations.  One of the greatest responsibilities of leaders is to grow and develop the people around them.  With these expectations, leadership burnout can become a real issue.

Are you suffering from leadership burnout?  American Consultants reports there are physical, emotional, and behavioral signs and symptoms of leadership burnout.

Physical Signs & Symptoms

- You feel tired or drained most of the time

- Frequent headaches or muscle pain

- Lowered immunity, or getting sick often

- Change in appetite or sleep habits

Emotional Signs & Symptoms

- Loss of motivation

- Sense of self-doubt and failure

- Feeling helpless, defeated, and trapped

- An increasingly cynical outlook

- Decreased sense of satisfaction or accomplishment

- Feeling detached from the world

Behavioral Signs & Symptoms

- Isolating yourself from others

- Taking out your frustration on others

- Withdrawing from responsibilities

- Procrastinating, or taking longer to accomplish tasks

- Skipping work or coming in late and leaving early

If you have noticed yourself suffering from any of these signs or symptoms of leadership burnout, you are probably in need of a renewing of your leadership.  Stay tuned to next week’s blog to hear some effective ways of renewing your leadership.

What signs and symptoms of leadership burnout have you experienced in the past or present?  How have you handle leadership burnout?  Please leave a comment below or email me directly.


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